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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> five people including a pregnant woman and infant die in an early-morning crash. with the police say led to the tragedy. the search continues for the woman involved in the attack in france. and more legal trouble for george zimmerman. why he was arrested it again this weekend. first, a day of celebration turns into tragedy on route 50 at route 213 in queen anne's county. people were headed to her baby shower when they were killed in a crash with a tractor-trailer. kevin lewis has with the police are saying about the cause of this terrible accident. kevin?
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>> this is where the crash occurred. the police say that it was a t-bone collision between the semi truck and a small car. a clipped it, over four lanes of traffic, onto the and bank met. the semi flipped over and ran into the sign that belongs to the community college. the police say the damage to the car was even worse. the recovery effort was both tragic and tedious. the tractor-trailer lying on its side, the car crushed beyond recognition. this was a rural stretch of route 50 in queen anne's county. the police say that five people, including a pregnant woman died when a fully loaded tractor-trailer t-boned this small vehicle. >> the tractor-trailer apparently rolled over the top of the car after pushing across the westbound and eastbound lanes of route 50. >> killed on impact, a
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24-year-old, for 25-year-old girlfriend their seven-year-old daughter, and two-month-old son. her 30-year-old pregnant sister also died in the crash. this invitation posted on facebook indicates the family for her baby shower, scheduled for 1:00 today. the tractor-trailer, which was hauling 44,000 pounds of cargo was also badly damaged. maryland state police say that it is clear that somebody blew a red light. the question is who. >> this is why they call them crashes and not accidents. something caused the collision to occur. that is the focus of the investigation right now. >> state police say the semi truck was traveling from north carolina to delaware. the driver was seriously injured
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and airlifted to baltimore shocked from a. he is expected to survive. live in queen anne's county kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> a greenbelt police officer recovering after an overnight crash caused by suspected drunk driver. the officer was in his vehicle at a traffic stop on greenbelt road when he was hit by a third car. the offer serve suffered minor injuries. -- the officer suffered minor injuries. the driver who was pulled over was not hurt. the driver of the third car has been charged with driving while intoxicated -- driving with impaired vision and under the influence. this just in from dulles international airport, some flights are delayed as firefighters respond to the activation of a smoke alarm at the base of the air traffic control tower. no smoke or fire was found in the tower and the alarm is being reset. some flights were delayed between 5:00 and 5:30 this
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evening. prince george's county police have identified the seven-year-old boy who drowned in a pond yesterday in oxon hill. they say the boy was playing in the area when he walked onto a nice covered pond. the ice gave way and the boy fell in. officer jumped in and pull the child out. he died later at the hospital. the officers are all right tonight. we want to turn to the weather. another frigid day. eileen whelan is here with what to expect the rest of the weekend. >> it will remain cold, but not as cold. i'm still watching the potential for a thin glaze of ice by monday morning. it is bitterly cold at reagan national. we only made it to 30 degrees for the high. 27 degrees right now. into the teens dulles, baltimore and frederick.
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overnight, with clear skies relatively light wind, the temperatures will fall to about eight degrees in the far north western suburbs. the next weather system is moving through texas and along the gulf coast. that will greet us monday morning with a little bit of ice. through the day tomorrow, clouds increase, freezing rain likely monday morning. with the icy start, there may be the potential for delays and closings. i will detail the impact coming up. >> tonight, a massive manhunt for the last suspect wanted in one of the deadliest raids in france. the search comes as huge rallies take place to honor the victims. >> this is the faced of the world's most wanted woman. she is now believed to have slipped out of france before the attacks took place. records show that she flew to
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turkey january 2, then on to syria. this is a far cry from the smiling woman in a bikini in this photo. the 32-year-old besieged this kosher grocery store friday, allegedly killing for hostages. >> this was a hit. a professional hit. they had fire discipline. they hit their targets. >> investigators bel she may have been the communications link between her boyfriend and the two brothers accused in the charlie hebdo massacre that killed 12. prosecutors say she made more than 500 phone calls to the wife of one of the brothers. friday, the police caught up with the brothers at a printing factory outside of paris. the owner had time to hide his employee, but not himself. he said the brothers were not
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aggressive and state for coffee. the brothers came out guns blazing, dying in a hail of police bullets. at almost the same time in eastern paris this man made his final stand. saturday, hundreds of thousands rallied in paris and across the country to honor the victims. >> the french embassy in northwest washington has planned another tribute to the victims of the terror attacks in france. they will hold a silent march tomorrow at 2:00 at the newseum. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is fighting to remain free while he appeals his corruption conviction. he was sentenced tuesday to two years in prison. he is supposed to report by february 9. in a motion filed yesterday, prosecutors say that mcdonnell has made no compelling case as to why his request for bail
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pending appeal should be granted. his wife maureen, is set to be sentenced on her conviction next month. coming up at 6:00, george zimmerman finds himself behind bars. why he was arrested again. a rough night for bill cosby. how he responded to a heckler. and forget about driving the golden gate bridge this weekend. working on my feet all day gave me pain here. in my knees. but now, i step on this machine and get my number which matches my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts. now i get immediate relief from my foot pain. my knee pain. find a machine at we thought our cable
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this is his third arrest since he was acquitted in 2013 in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> i don't like to speculate about emotional -- >> the judge released him on a $5,000 bond. spacex is celebrating another successful rocket launch, but it's attempt to land the rocket booster on to a large did not work out as planned. the flight took off from cape canaveral this morning. and a first of its kind move spacex tried to land the first section of the rocket back on earth while the rest of the rocket carried on. the booster came down way too hard and broke apart. buses, cyclist, and pedestrians
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are the only traffic on tgolden gate bridge this weekend, shut down to private traffic to install a safety barrier. the bridge will real early monday morning or earlier if crews finish ahead of schedule. this is the longest shutdown of vehicle or traffic in the bridges 77 year history. bill cosby did not receive a warm welcome during a show yesterday in canada. dozens of protesters heckled him over sexual assault allegations. >> overnight, bill cosby under fire again. organized protesters inside of his performance. nearly 40 people standing and blowing whistles during the comedian's show in ontario canada. during the final stop friday night, the group of women also chanted at cosby before being ejected from the theater. after the first time, cosby directly addressing the
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outbursts on stage, scolding the demonstrators. >> it felt good to make a difference and stand up for victims of sexual violence. >> 14 hours earlier at a different performance, cosby making a joke to a member of the audience who asked him if he wanted a drink. cosby's said "you know that you should be careful drinking around may,"e," referencing the attack claims. phylicia rashad strongly defended her former tv husband. >> this has not been easy, but he is not a coward. >> cosby thanked fans who came out to support him, saying "your laughter continues to make me smile." i would like to thank each and every one of you for coming out and in dohring the freezing temperatures -- -- and enduring
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the freezing temperatures." >> still ahead -- eileen whelan has the weekend forecast.
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'cept for my husband. [lauren] wait,wait,where are you going? [announcer] visit your local retailer and discover how tempur-pedic can move you. >> parts of interstate 94 in southwestern michigan remain closed while crews remove ac id and vehicles stuck in a huge pile up. there were nearly 200 vehicles involved in the pileup on the snowy highway. one person died and about two dozen were taken to the hospital. another reminder that the weather can be so dangerous especially water that we think is frozen. there were kids ice-skating on the c and o canal.
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it looked to where they were. >> it looks thick. that is the problem, you get a few days of cold, you get the ice, you think let's go ice or play hockey, but it could be thin enough that you would fall in. >> more freezing overnight? >> more freezing overnight. the conditions right now are cold. this is a great time lapse from cardinal ridge elementary school in centerville. the sunshine melting a little bit of the snow. the temperatures have been really cold. the weatherbug network showcasing the current temperatures as well as the high temperatures for the day. we made it up to freezing at culpeper high school, 25. 28 the high temperature at swanson middle school in arlington. the temperatures today generally in the 20's, well below the average this time of year.
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overnight, the temperatures will fall into the single digits in the far northwest suburbs, about 20 degrees downtown. bitterly cold, so make sure that you bundle up. no precipitation to deal with. we have clear skies overhead. a few clouds further north, over the great lakes. i want to show the next weather system, where it is originating. right now we have rain earlier today, portions of central texas. there was sleet, snow, and ice. this weather system will be tracking northward tomorrow, arriving late tomorrow night early monday morning. ice will be the main concern for us at home. the futurecast tomorrow morning sunny skies, cold temperatures. clouds slowly increasing through the day. at 7:00 we are still dry. after midnight, precipitation moves in. the pink is the indication of sleet and freezing rain.
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6:00 a.m. monday, kind of a bull's-eye. this is just a simulation, but i show this because i think monday morning there will be some delays or closings because of the thin glaze of ice on the roads, bridges, overpasses etc. as we continue through the day temperatures climb above freezing and it changes over to rain, but you will want to monitor the forecast. the precipitation moving in after midnight sunday. tomorrow will be drive. freezing rain is what we have to deal with, changing over to rain in the afternoon. the impact will be the monday morning commute. the temperatures the rest of the work week will be cold, 31 tuesday, 32 wednesday. additional showers, but the crux of the forecast is the potential monday morning. >> good day to sit inside and watch hoops. >> no break for john thompson iii and the hoyas.
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andy terps go to war with the boilermakers.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> the ninth ranked terps had a disappointing loss to another team wednesday. on the road, taking on perdue. melo trimble sinks it. it was tied at 26-26 at half. second half, dez wells dribbles through traffic, gets the move and the harm. 42-36 terps. later in the second, drives the lane, nice up and under. the terps up 5.
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the terps go ahead and win 69 -60. georgetown in a close one with providence. providence with the lead. smith to flex it, the hoyas get the steel. rivera finishes on the other end. closing seconds, providence up 2. paul white, the three ball, no good. joshua smith puts it in. over time. less than 10 seconds, the ball in the corner. it is stripped on the way out. time runs out. georgetown loses a tough one 60-57. gw-lasalle. the colonials trying to make a comeback. deflected, takes it the other way. lasalle's lead was too great.
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later in the second, pratt may have gotten away with a push off. drains the three. gw falls 63-50. navy-army, less than four minutes to go. maybe with the lead. the midshipmen throw the home run ball, the dumb. navy beats archrival army, 75-66. the last time the wizards host to chicago, they let eric rose -- derrick rose lose. john wall wants to get a win. the wizards up by 16. the ball movement. martin gortat, slam. later in the third, check this out. blocked. the outlet by nene, easy slam. wiz up 66-49.
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fourth quarter, butler continues to impress. wiz win 102-86. the play of the day, jazz-thunder. .2 seconds left on the shot clock. barely touches the ball. it's money. he cannot believe it, i cannot believe it, kimberly cannot believe it. reverse brady style. should have played volleyball. and the ravens lead the patriots 21-14 at the half. and alex ovechkin has been selected to participate in the nhl all-star game. that is similar to derek fisher's .4
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>> maryland governor elect larry hogan and massachusetts governor have placed a friendly wager. if the ravens win, baker will send boston cream cupcakes and a case of boston brewed beer to hogan. if the patriots win, hogan will send maryland blue crabs seasoned with old bay. hogan said he is looking forward to the delicious cupcakes. >> kind of a win-win. >> maybe the crabs and the beer, then the cupcakes afterwards. >> it is called. tonight, single digits in the suburbs, increasing clouds tomorrow icy start monday. >>
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welcome to "world news tonight." terror hunt. the most wanted woman in the world linked to those deadly attacks in paris, the new clues. where is she tonight? and the heroes. how a shopkeeper hid hostages to keep them alive. dangerous weather. the whiteouts, the ice and now, this explosive pileup, caught on camera. >> oh, no. watch out. watch out. against all odds. the former football player and his accident at sea, the ten-hour swim in the ocean. an incredible tale of survival. and mooching motorists. able-bodied drivers misusing handicapped placards. the undercover sting. we're with the police, cracking down. >> obviously, you are not disabled.


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